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Vastu Shastra is an architectural astrology mainly based on vastu shilp science.
It is one of the greatest researches of ancient Indian scholars . If delineate the various aspects of the causative planets and their activities and influences on building whether a flat/house offices shops or factories. Vastushastra has its own excellent scientific engineering as well as astrological basis.

With doing minimum changes in the houses on the basis of VastuShastra you can get more happiness and prosperity you can even get even highest relief from "Bhoomidosh" (for ex- A south facing door is not so good)
For any guidance in VastuShastra you may & the map of your house or factory is suggested to send showing mainly east-north sign on it with detailed questions along with a draft of 101U.S.$

You are requested to send email with your details, so as to suggest you in proper way.


Vastu Purusha