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About Astrology

Astrology is based on the Karma good or bad done by an individual. An astrologer interprets the position of planets in different signs situated in the 12 different houses of the horoscope. he then uses his common sense logic, intellect and intution to make accurate predictions.

The results are mirrored in the horoscope already. Now what is horoscope? It is nothing but the picture of planetary position at the birth time of an individual.

A horoscope analysis gives us in advance information regarding ones future and one is always curious to know the happening of future. It helps the person in facing the problems and minimizing the bad effects and maximizing the good effects during a good period. God has bestowed different talents and Unique
ability to each person.

Many people are confused about their profession marriage, child, house, health, invest of money etc. An astrologer can help him to take right decisions at right time. One fact is there ,that We can not change our desting at any cost, but at-least we can surely be cautious in minimizing our loses and maximizing our profits. Indian Vedic Astrology - is an age old science, which was introduced by holy sages, rishis and munis, who were blessed with wealth of knowledge from the almighty. The great Sage, Rishi Parashar was the founder of Indian astrology and had such a depth of its dedicated knowledge that all the credit goes to him. We are just followers of their theories and principles.

Generally known as future telling, Indian Vedic astrology is based on making and reading of astrological horoscopes, where the movement and positioning of stars affect human life tremendously.

It is a human tendency of not to think of bad times when we are happy. And because of planetary changes, we wake up only when bad period strikes and declining trend starts. Here emerges the need of an astrologer to give expert advice about the time factor, fortune, misfortune caution and precautions. Thus, it is all the more necessary for a wise person to wake up and let himself know about the dark phase knocking his doors and also the exact means of dealing with this.

Indian Astrology foretells about the future of the native, good and bad periods in life, the directions to move, do's and don'ts, ways, means, measures and remedies to ward off the evil effects or at least reduce the intensity of evils.

Planetary influences on human beings Man is the most superior of the cosmic order and has the capacity to escape the intense adversities of the planetary influences. One has to have a firm will to do and act. The Sun produces heat. Some die due to its intensity and do not protect themselves from the scorching heat. Others, who use umbrellas, escape its onslaught. Wise people harness the energy of heat for their good.


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