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For You the first time in India, We bring forward a unique facility of making both single and double progress kundli, The degree of all planets, Vishottari Antardasha, Chalit Kundli and checking of the transit of planets is also done. By doing this kinds of calculations Your queries are solved.
For Example:-

<1> Which one is best suited for me - Business Or Service?

If business, Which type of business should I join?
Which is the best time for starting my business?
If in service, when will I get permitted etc.
If any such Questions are puzzling you, You can get the answers by our consultations.
(a) What are your healths and weaknesses.
(b) Which is your true vocation.
(c) What are the new avenues for you to earn more money.
This dear and perfect moment gives you the options of various professions that would most benefit you.

<2> How can I benefit from the Share Market?
Through trading ( i.e. one kind of speculation or short term gambling) OR
Investment in public issues OR
Investment in shares for long periods. OR
Share broker ship
Which of the above 4 options are better for you - these questions can be answered by consulting.

<3> Should I join a business in partnership?
Are our horoscopes compatible or not?
Which time is most suited to enter in to partnership?
A partnership is a risky occupation but losses are prevented by studying the planetary factors that effect compatibility between two person We give you the correct guidance in clear language after proper study of all the questions with care and attention.

<4> How can I know the potential of my children?
What kinds of talents my child has?
As I told you the method for the selection of best profession above accordingly, By examining the planetary position and the birth kundli, we provide guidance as to how to shape the future of the child and how our effects will bring maximum results.

<5> When shall I get married and with whom?
What is the year and month of my marriage?
What will be the nature, looks, etc of my life partner?
Gujaratis from all over the world come to India to get married. If you know life partner the time of the marriage and the geographical location of your would - be spouse in advance, your precious time and money is saved. We forecast the the appropriate time for coming to India for marriage purpose, thus making your efforts fruitful.

<6> When will I have my first issue and what will be its sex?
Which is the right time for conception ?
How many children will I have?
Which year and month is the best for the birth of my child?
Generally the horoscopes of the husband and wife are examined together for the prospects of progeny . We find out the beejam of boys and kshetram of girls through details calculations to give answers to all such questions.

<7> Will I have a property or car?
When will I have a house or car in my own name?
If the position of the 4th house in the horoscope is strong, then you will get a royal house . If the Venus is powerful you will get a royal car. The planet in the 4th house or car. If there is Rahu in the 4th house then you will never purchase a house on your name.