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We give Shubh muhurt with very minute calculations with muhurt kundli and navmansh kundli, the clear day, nakshatra, tithi and Raviyog or gurupushyamrutyog, any other shubh yog etc.
Best Muhurt for opening a business shop or factory:-
In the business muhurt after minute calculation, we find shubh muhurt horoscope with navmansh in 12 to 14 minutes with this "Sukshm" (Minute) muhurt you can be successful in any new venture.

Vastu or gruh pravesh muhurt :-
The subh muhurat of the kumbh sthapan or gruh pravesh in the new house and muhurt for vastushanti or navchandi yagna in the new factory or shop with the strength of moon bal and clearday is given with perfect time.

Muhurt for a happy marriage :-
We examine the kundli of the bride and groom and check the transits of guru chandra and sun and clarity of nakshatra etc. We give the muhurat of the shree ganesh Sthapan, gruha shanti, and Janprasthan, Kanya Viday with hours and minutes. In marriage the most important event is the "Hastmilap" time. So we give the Hastmilap muhurat with kundli and navmansh and also give time of 12 to 14 minutes for the best married life.

(4) Other Shubh Muhurts :-

The Muhurt of
* Shrimant
* To admit child in school
* To purchase New house or land
* To buy a new car

(5) The Best Muhurt Of DIWALI:-
* We give the muhurt purchase the business stationary and coda.
* DHANTERAS :- Dhanpujan Muhurt.
* DIWALI :- Chopda pujan muhurt.
* NEW YEAR : - Muhurt for opening the shop or factory.
* LABHPANCHAM :- Muhurt for opening shop or motel, business.

Send the birth details, your moon rashi & the Direction of the main entrance.